Our Mission

Locale.one is a social enterprise based in Oakland, CA. We provide web design, video production, graphic design, copy editing, and photography to local nonprofits, social enterprises, grassroots candidates, and small businesses. Locale.one is devoted to streamlining the process of getting new ideas off the ground, and is devoted to providing high quality, affordable services to those striving to positively impact their local community.


We believe in collaboration and fostering deep and longstanding community relationships. As a mission-driven social enterprise, Locale.one considers itself a partner to clients. If there is a service Locale.one cannot fulfill, we will work to connect our clients with an individual or entity that can.


Whether you’re running for office, starting a business, organizing a community, or just trying to make your world a better place, Locale.one is a one-stop shop to bring visions to fruition. All you need is an idea – we’ll help you maximize its impact and make it an enduring reality.

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